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Timothy Collins's picture
Timothy Collins
06:14 12/01/10

Made my day

Hvala, Ivane.

I tried the new Barnes&Noble e-reader called Nook at an in-store demo, but it's not a great reading experience.

The color touch-screen on bottom wasn't integrated very well with the e-paper display on top.  At one point the top and bottom screens seemed to display the same information in different formats, which didn't make sense. Navigation's awkward. The five colors on the bottom buttons serve no function at all. They're unnecessary and make the device look like a children's toy. The pages flash black and white when they reload, a problem with the Kindle too. The cover art of the books I reviewed didn't come up easily on the top screen, just the text.

Lend function is great though.

It's a nice effort, but it doesn't capture the visual, aesthetic experience of books that Mag+Bonnier talk about. I'm looking forward to seeing if Apple offers a device this month.

Slobodan Jovanović's picture
Slobodan Jovanović
01:11 12/01/10


What we see now here is what is going to be the standard in a couple of years... Apple will come out in march with some new stuff. Don't know what it will be, I read on some blog later last week. I must admit I hate it - I just love the smell of paper and ink, but i am old skool... We have to embrace this technology as soon as possible, but maintain our printed publication, because, admit it - it is sooo nice to flip through pages and feel different paper textures and sensing the way the printer did his job on certain photos... It is priceless. I just don't get theis need of total control over the perfection of content? I find very charming the flaws, makes it natural, human.. 

ok enough...

Timothy Collins's picture
Timothy Collins
07:17 12/01/10

Advantage, king

There was a similar reaction among nobles when Gutenberg's printing press came out in the 15th century. Some didn't want mechanically reproduced text in their collections of beautiful, hand copied books. And where caligraphy had become a respected cultural institution, printed books were sometimes not well received.

People got used to it though. Getting ideas out quickly, uniformly, and to as many people as possible changed the world. It'll be interesting to see where this e-reader thing goes. The potential is revolutionary, maybe not all good.

Movable type made ideas available cheap and to the masses. Those ideas could be exchanged in privacy, against the wishes of the king and church, or without the knowledge of the king and church. Power would never be the same.

E-readers make ideas available to the relatively well off, people with credit cards. The exchange of those ideas is entirely public and controllable, with a detailed record of intellectual consumption available to the king. That has the potential to do the opposite of what Gutenberg's press did. There are a million ways to exploit such as system. The upper hand, at least in part, goes back to the king.

Slobodan Jovanović's picture
Slobodan Jovanović
11:49 12/01/10

Talking on tracking

Sometimes I have the impression that people don't care anymore on how the data they left on net will be used. I can tell from my point of using the net. I could be wrong. Since we are visiting and using so many different content the analytics can prove very different variables on our 'net' behavior.

The systems are becoming so complex and complicated and they are giving space for a mistake on a huge proportion. One bad decision can create a sort of credit crunch disaster or some Enron-like fraud.

Slobodan Jovanović's picture
Slobodan Jovanović
10:12 15/01/10

Ovo je toliko dobro...

 ... da moram opet da se javim!!

Koliko god bilo zastrasujuce i delovalo neprirodno - ipak nosi ogromnu dozu uzbudjenja... Odgledao sam ga bar 7-8 puta...


Timothy Collins's picture
Timothy Collins
15:24 19/01/10

Nice graphic, dated font

The graphic for Apple's invitation to the 27 January announcement is seriously beautiful, maybe implying a color e-ink tablet? That would be awesome. The dated font here can't keep up with the graphic though. 


Slobodan Jovanović's picture
Slobodan Jovanović
17:29 19/01/10

This the news

I believe this is the big news Apple fans on net are chatting about... Tablet Mac or some some iTab or whatever...

As for the font - I call it  - LAZY MF DESIGNER FAVORITE TYPEFACE

It is btw Myriad official Mac font since, correct me if i am wrong, 1997 - 98 is default font on Adobe illustrator so every wanna be designer is using it since it has the myriad of options, weights and stuff.. I hate it. It looks good only on Apple stuff. All other is pure ignorance and laziness. If font is a part of someone's corporate identity why use Myriad when it has I am the allover font written on its front.

Dejan Vukelić's picture
Dejan Vukelić
17:52 21/01/10

C’est fantastique...

... fenomenalno, neverovatno... kao taj pravi tehnoman jedva čekam da ga imam!

Mada... upravo sam pregledao svoje desktop i notebook računare i ustanovio da imam više od 10-ak gigabajta knjiga i magazina koje nisam pročitao (da ne kažem – ni otvorio) a i dalje, gotovo svakodnevno, downloadujem nove... a sve "papirne" časopisi koje imam pročitani su a "običnim" knjigama vraćam se i po više puta... ne znam...

Ivana Srdanović's picture
Ivana Srdanović
22:28 21/01/10

Novine, časopise i knjige

Novine, časopise i knjige nikakvo tehnološko čudo ne može da zameni. Ali ljudska manija posedovanja predmeta je nepobediva, osim ako se neki terapeut ozbiljno time ne pozabavi:))) Ovo Bonierovo rešenje je sjajno i mnogo dobro izgleda, i mnogi ga već žele. Stvar je pristupa, zašto ga želeti: Želim da ga imam da bi mi u nekom trenutku olakšao život i potrebu za informacijom, a ne da bi mi zamenio potrebu za mirisom štampane novine ili knjige. I treba ga imati na polici pored kreveta tik uz neki novi naslov knjige uz koju se uspavljujes, ili u torbi pored prljave štampane dnevne novine sa kojom počinješ dan. Bolje je u dvoje!

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